Vanilla Remastered Client

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"Vanilla Remastered is a modpack designed to bring out the best of the games we enjoy playing. Without the need of all those heavy or excessive mods. Vanilla uses a minimalism type system. Including in most of the Vanilla Releases are simply textures with a few plugins. In which a lot of those plugins are optional but at this time we bundle them together. In the future, we'll make it easier being able to pick and chose what you want and how you want your game to look." 

Vanilla Remastered Client is a desktop application that allows you to easily make changes within Vanilla Remastered supported game. It also features auto update system that'll automatically maintain your game files without having to manually download the update from the repository. Vanilla Client will also make reporting crashes & bugs & issues easier. 

Roadmap & Limitations

Vanilla Remastered Client is currently under development and the first beta version is expected to come out around 15th of January 2020.

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If you wish to help & contribute, join our official Vanilla Remastered Discord server: here.